Prestashop Review: Best Freemium Ecommerce Platform 2019


Prestashop is an open source ecommerce platform that users can have hosted in the cloud or downloaded from the Prestashop website. Used by thousands of business organizations and entrepreneurs all over the world, Prestashop is one of the most popular online store starter solutions, boasting of extensive and robust features and integrations to help users …

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Plytix Review: Best Product Information Management Solution 2019

Catalog management system refers to maintenance of product information in a structured and organized manner to help customers as well as channel partners understand product benefits. Generally catalogs provide detailed information of product functionalities, price and generally seen in websites. A catalog management system helps to both design and edit online catalogs. It also helps …

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Oracle Commerce Review- Best Enterprise Ecommerce Application 2019

Oracle Review

Oracle Commerce is the industry’s top-ranked commerce solution that powers the world’s best brands, and delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience. Oracle Commerce offers a complete commerce software platform that enables you to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touchpoints, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, …

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OpenCart Review- Free Shopping Cart Solution 2019

OpenCart Review

OpenCart is an open-source shopping cart built on PHP/MySQL code. Distributed as a free eCommerce solution, OpenCart is a very user-friendly and effective platform that comes with a very intuitive and well-designed user-interface as well as a higher selection of extensions. Perfect for small businesses and medium-sized ecommerce stores, OpenCart is loaded with all the …

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Miva Review: Best Platform 2019

Miva Review

Miva is the creator of a premium ecommerce platform for modern enterprise business. To date, Miva software has powered more than $100 billion in online sales worldwide, leveraging content and complex data into sophisticated site UI, state-of-the-art transaction and inventory management, and strong systems integration. Miva’s in-house development and design team empowers a global community …

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Ecwid Review- Best Ecommerce Solution 2019

Ecwid Review

Ecwid is short for “ecommerce widgets.” This sort of describes what Ecwid does. Ecwid (pronounced “ehk-wid”) is basically a shopping cart widget that incorporates into any website with just a few lines of code. Using Ecwid, you can sell across multiple websites, social networks, and marketplaces, all while managing your expanding ecommerce empire from one …

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BigCommerce Review: Best Online Store Builder for eCommerce Startups


Founded as an Australian company by two Texans, BigCommerce was quick to expand their presence to Austin, San Francisco and London. Today, BigCommerce powers about 100,000 stores and has generated sales of more than $17 billion, making them one of the biggest ecommerce platforms worldwide. Investors such as American Express saw potential in BigCommerce and …

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