The Best Shopify Automation Apps for [FREE]: 2021

Every retailer executes hundreds of small tasks that take up a lot of their time. When viewed individually, it might not seem like much of a waste of time. But when viewed together, it reduces productivity and growth. Research shows that instead of being focused on incremental change, retailers must focus on improvements that would bring major changes to their organization.

An excellent way to do that is using automation apps that give you and your employees your most important asset: time. It allows your team to invest in work that has high value. It provides a climate where you can retrain your team on newer processes, crisis communication, how to work out new deals, and more.

The whole process is incredibly simple. These apps convert tasks, processes, and campaigns within your business to automation that execute what is needed. It allows you to do with what you have. The issue that businesses face is that as they scale, the demand, complexity, and repetition increase. This causes the formerly efficient systems to break down. This results in companies turning to time-consuming workarounds, time that could be spent on more important things. So, Shopify automation is truly a thing of the future and will be of immense help to businesses. However, businesses have to use the best Shopify automation apps to make the best of it.

Benefits of Using Shopify Automation Apps

Businesses generally turn to Shopify automation apps to save both time and money while simultaneously increasing sales. There are multiple benefits of using Shopify automation apps like:

  • These apps save you a lot of time.
  • They make your business processes faster, easier, and smoother.
  • These apps help you easily manage your inventory by linking up everything/
  • The apps assist you in offering the best customer experience with multiple fulfilments, dropshipping, and easy returns.
  • They significantly reduce business costs because you will need fewer employees and training.
  • It allows you to focus on the more important parts of your business that involve decision-making and strategizing.
  • They increase your sales.
  • Automated emails and scheduled posting makes marketing very easy.

The Best Shopify Automation Apps for [FREE]: 2021

1. Messa: Best Shopify Workflow Automation App

Messa helps you easily automate your online store. If you connect your apps with Mesa, you will be able to eliminate the daily chaos and lighten your workload and achieve new heights with unique experiences for your business and customers alike. It connects with Shopify’s entire API, including features that are only available to Plus stores and apps like POS and Flow. It’s easy to receive application webhooks and work with all types of API endpoints. It helps put products into your pipeline by automating any kind of repeatable task or process.


  • Helps automate your entire store, including orders, customers, products, payments, and more.
  • Helps seamlessly connect your Shopify store and all of its apps into workflows that run automatically.
  • Offers a collection of pre-built solutions that help you get more done.
  • Offers an excellent workflow builder.
  • Offers features like detailed logging, task inspection, and replays that let Mesa handle sophisticated connections to any online system.

Pricing: They offer four plans. For their Hobby plan, they will charge you $8.99 per month. For their Professional plan, they will charge you $36 per month. For their Business plan, they will charge you $99 per month. For their Enterprise plan, they will charge you $249 per month.

2. Alloy: Best Shopify Workflow Automation App

Alloy helps you save time and automate your store across more than a hundred apps and platforms. This app is perfect for every team member and helps everyone leverage automation to make their job easy and focus on the higher impact work. They offer pre-built workflow recipes that you can easily customize according to your store’s needs.


  • Helps automate tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters.
  • Increases efficiency and allows you to launch pre-built workflows in seconds to streamline analytics, marketing, customer support, fulfillment, returns, fraud, and more.
  • Helps centralize customer data and send it across your entire tech stack from one view and helps integrate apps that don’t have a native integration.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. Their Starter plan will cost you $50 each month. Their Silver plan will cost you $150 each month. Their Gold plan will cost you $750 each month. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

3. Shopify Plus: Best Workflow Automation App for Shopify

It helps businesses in automating their day-to-day tasks to build unique checkout experiences. It opens us up to strategic initiatives that grow the business. It helps your business run on autopilot fast with pre-built templates that you can customize to meet your needs. It is easy to use and takes three clicks to install and almost no tech know-how or coding to set up. Their Launchpad eliminates the complexity of running events, and turns them into streamlined opportunities for your business.


  • Helps kick off campaigns based on product tags, such as pre-order or high-spend customers.
  • Helps tag, segment, and reward customers by buying behavior and lifetime spend.
  • Helps automate inventory management for low-stock products.
  • Offers automatic cancellations of high-risk orders or prompt a review.
  • Helps notify customers when sales start and wishlist items are back in stock.
  • Helps release products and update inventory across channels.
  • Helps apply discounts to specific products or entire collections.
  • Helps design campaign themes and update them automatically.

Pricing: The Shopify Plus plan starts at $2,000 a month for standard setups and integrations. For more complex, higher volume business structures, their variable fee option flexes with your requirements and you have to connect with their expert for it.

4. SmartrMail: Best Shopify Email Automation App

It helps you send smarter newsletters and automations. Their seamless Shopify integration, allows you to set up all the automations the leading brands use to grow. It helps you grow with best-practice automation, including welcome, abandoned cart and thank you emails that are quick to set up with premade templates. It also helps save time by adding products to your emails in a single click and with free email templates automatically generated from your store’s theme.


  • Helps put your sales on autopilot with their easy-to-use drag and drop automation builder and set up all the best-practice automation in hours.
  • Allows you to add products in seconds, meaning you can get email newsletters out in minutes with their product lookup.
  • Offer an email template that matches your store’s design, complete with your logo.
  • Offers deep integration with Shopify, lets you set up segments and automation based on customer purchase activity.
  • Recommends the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. Their Standard plan will cost you $19 every month. Their Unlimited plan will cost you $99 every month.

5. Arigato: Best Shopify Workflow Automation App

Arigato helps you quickly create workflows that are as unique as your business. It performs millions of tasks per month, saving thousands of hours of work for the merchants per day. It automates routine tasks to trigger custom emails, publish products, add tags, update Metafields, set URLs, track returns, create custom workflows. It has dozens of prebuilt automation and offers the flexibility to automate more.


  • Helps create your own custom logic in your own Custom Action code.
  • Offers inline testing, so you can check your work as you build your workflow.
  • Helps get right to a solution in a fraction of the time and expense.
  • Offers to listen for any event or condition in your store and act on it.

Pricing: It offers a 14-day free trial and then four plans. Their Basic plan will cost you $15 per month. Their Shopify plan will cost you $25 per month. Their Advanced plan will cost you $40 per month. Their Plus plan will cost you $100 per month.

6. Shop Workflow: Free Shopify Workflow Automation App

Shop Workflow is your free virtual assistant that can automate your daily workflow. This app will take daily operations off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on growing your sales and scaling your business. It helps perform everyday business tasks automatically. This free bot can perform actions based on set criteria, cutting out manual workflows. It can even handle complex tasks.


  • Helps automate daily workflows and repetitive tasks such as fraud order detection, vendor notification, hiding out of stock products, and more to increase efficiency.
  • Helps schedule based tasks such as daily sales reporting, so you can set and forget.
  • Gives more time to refine marketing and grow sales.

Pricing: They offer a Free Starter plan. Their Growth Plan will cost you $9.99 per month. Their Basic plan will cost you $19.99 each month. Their Professional plan will cost you $49.99 each month.

7. Order Tagger: Best Shopify Order Tag Automation App

Order Tagger can automatically tag orders based on a wide variety of conditions. Its workflows can be triggered at different stages of the fulfilment process. It allows you to access the power of automation and remove the repetition from your day. It helps organize your orders and streamline fulfilment.


  • Provides you with the ability to apply fixed tags when the order matches your workflow.
  • Their dynamic tags are based on the value of certain attributes within an order, such as SKU codes, payment methods used, and more.
  • Acts as a Shopify flow connector.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. They charge $15 per month for their Basic Plan.

8. Atom 8: Best Shopify Task Automation App For eCommerce

This is the all-in-one automated solution that solves all the merchant’s problems with routine. They offer easy and scalable automation for all the busy bigcommerce merchants. It helps you easily categorize orders, manage customers, and provides real-time notifications. It helps you manage store data on spreadsheets and publish content.


  • Helps streamline processes and feed data to integrated applications.
  • Provides more than a hundred workflow templates to cover all business areas.
  • Provides orders categorizations.
  • Offers customer management.
  • Sends quick notifications.
  • Helps customize actions with HTTP requests.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. Their Starter plan will cost you $4.95 per month. Their Growth plan will cost you $19.95 each month. Their Pro plan will cost you $49.95 per month. Their Enterprise plan will cost you $99.95 each month.

9. Klaviyo: Best Shopify Marketing Automation App For eCommerce

Klaviyo helps you grow your business with email and SMS marketing automation. The platform scales with your business no matter how much you grow, so you can go from launch to running a billion-dollar brand without slowing down or switching platforms. About 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalized emails, SMS messages, signup forms and more.


  • Offers pre-built integrations for over 100 tools, like Facebook, ShipStation, and Smile.
  • Allows you to upgrade to flexible month-to-month pricing based on your contact list size.
  • Helps put your ideas into action in minutes with pre-built templates, signup forms, and automation at your fingertips.
  • Helps send a targeted message in one click.
  • Helps automate your brand’s welcome series and abandoned cart messages.
  • Helps grow your email list fast and collect more information about your customers by adding forms directly to your website.
  • Helps target customers with relevant messages based on how they’ve interacted with your brand in the pas
  • Offers growth-focused reporting.

Pricing: The app is free to install. For Email related features, you have to pay over $20 per month. For SMS related features, you have to pay $5 per month.


The best Shopify automation apps will make your business workflow efficient, cost-effective, and convenient. It helps you run small businesses in a way that will help you come at par with the biggest companies, even with the limited resources. The best Shopify automation apps can be applied to all parts of your business, from marketing to fulfilment and customer service. Business on Shopify might get repetitive after a point, and if you are able to manage the functions automatically, you can run your business in a smooth manner, which will monumentally improve the service you provide. Shopify automation tools are the best platforms for business.