The Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps for [FREE]: 2021

The hardships do not stop at just the costs of attracting new prospects and you have to work hard too. It is a given that only because a consumer has decided to put some goods in their cart, it does not equate to a sale. Some customers do not go through the sales funnel as you would expect, but as a seller, you can still persuade them to checkout and finish shopping. If you know the most common reasons for cart abandonment, it will help recover sales successfully and prevent some cart abandonments. Some of these reasons are:

Hidden Costs: The hidden and unexpected costs are the major reasons that causes visitors to leave an online store without making any purchase. You must make sure that all the additional costs that your customer has to pay are listed explicitly.

Compulsory registrations: Customers are always looking for an easy and fast customer journey, which is not delivered if you are constantly asking them to sign up. This requires unnecessary effort that makes them leave the shop.

Safety issues: Customers are generally concerned about payment security. You must try to earn your customer’s trust by adding various kinds of social proof.

Lack of real-time support: Almost 80% of the online shoppers require help while they are on site, and about 50% would be more likely to purchase if there was customer support like live chat.

These are just some of the issues that cause people to leave and abandon their carts. The best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps will help you proactively save sales.

Benefits of Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

It is very difficult to stop users from abandoning their carts. There are several reasons for it and some are not in your hands. However, so many eCommerce sites make such fundamental mistakes and these can be fixed with a little bit of consideration and using the Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps.

Before we delve into the benefits of Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps, it is important to understand that most of the visits to the website will not result in a purchase on your website and most of the customers will leave. There are obviously multiple possible reasons for the same. But, these carts can be recovered with the use of the Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps.

Some visitors might have saved their cart and would wish to come back to it later. These are the users that require a small push to come back. These Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps will help you provide the push for them to come back and make the purchase.

If you use any of the best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps listed below, you will be able to prevent customers from losing out and making the purchase. These apps increase the likelihood of customers converting and completing the purchases.

The Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps for [FREE]: 2021

1. Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart:

This is an excellent cart recovery app. They send a series of automated Abandoned Cart recovery messages via WhatsApp and include dynamic coupon codes. You do not need coding skills and this can be easily set up. It automatically sends order confirmation and order delivery messages over WhatsApp. You can optionally choose to send a unique coupon for the next order. You can track abandoned checkouts and manually send personalized cart recovery and order follow-up messages over WhatsApp. It provides everything you need in one WhatsApp plugin.


  • Allows you to send a series of cart recovery reminders using our app.
  • Sends a unique recovery link in the message when a customer abandons a checkout with a phone number.
  • Automatically tracks the abandoned checkouts that have a valid Phone Number and allows you to manually send a message over WhatsApp.
  • Sends automated Abandoned Cart Recovery, Order confirmation, Order delivery on WhatsApp.

Pricing: They offer a 14-day free trial. After that you can opt for their Free plan or their Starter plan, which would cost you $9 per month.


This is an excellent cart abandonment protector. This app will certifiably help you increase your purchase conversion. They use Push Notifications and Email to recover abandoned carts for your store. This is one reason that several stores have drastically improved their conversions. There is no need to capture email addresses or phone numbers. They help contact customers and convince them to convert easily.


  • Puts abandoned cart recovery on AutoPilot, so browser Notifications seamlessly integrate right into your store and bring customers back to their abandoned carts.
  • Helps increase conversion rates by sending customers browser notifications to encourage them to complete checkout.
  • Allows you to instantly turn it on or off.
  • Allows you to customize the messages to suit your brands.

Pricing: This is a free app.

3. SMS, WHATSAPP, Abandoned Cart:




4. SMSBump SMS Marketing by Yotpo: Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation App

This is the best text marketing and chats recovery app. It helps Shopify merchants launch, grow, and manage their SMS marketing. It is built to enable TCPA and GDPR compliance and create SMS marketing campaigns in seconds, and track results. Integrates with all major Shopify apps for Reviews, UGC, Loyalty, ESPs, Subscription services, help desks and more. It takes less than five minutes to set it up, and you can instantly see a significant increase in your ROI.


  • Helps send messages just at the right time and launch campaigns or send automation based on your customer’s local timezone.
  • Adds quiet hours based on your store timezone, which guarantees that your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night.
  • Helps optimize your costs and do not send SMS messages above a certain threshold.
  • Adds emojis and GIFs to spice up your campaigns.
  • Provides detailed in-app analytics to track orders, link clicks, SMS by country, conversion rate, and more.

Pricing: This app is free to install. You will be charged based on the country you send texts to, and this starts with 1.5 cents per text message in the USA.

5. Abandoned Cart Recovery Email:

This is one of the most reliable abandoned cart recovery systems. It helps recover your lost revenue by tracking all carts and checkouts initiated and orders by retargeting them through automated email marketing & web push notifications. It also delivers discount codes through the Spin-a-sale wheel. Their smart order recovery system gets subscribers through email pop-ups, tracks and retargets users to recover abandoned carts while maintaining consistent carts. With time triggered email marketing and push recovery campaigns, it sends emails and web push notifications to recover carts.


  • Tracks abandon carts on your Shopify store and make the list of all abandoned checkouts and carts.
  • Allows visitors to play the Spin the Wheel game, win discount codes and make purchases.
  • Sends regular email popup requests to customers to provide email while adding a product to the cart.
  • Boosts abandoned cart recovery and sales via automated push notifications with the ease of subscription.
  • Sends reminders to bring back toggled away customers, and the app automates a series of abandoned cart recovery emails for order recovery.
  • Allows you to schedule and set up abandoned cart recovery emails on your own schedule.

Pricing: They offer a 14-day free trial. Post that, you can choose their Free plan or take their Pro package that will cost you $12 per month.

6. AVADA: SMS, WhatsApp Email Marketing:

This is an excellent abandoned cart app. It helps stores recover lost sales by virtue of abandoned carts. It helps you browse abandonment, auto-convert customers with Welcome series, Cross-sell, Up-sell workflows, etc. It offers ready-to-use email templates that save lots of time and effort for admins. It requires no coding or designing skills. It helps you easily collect visitors’ emails and convert them to buy with appealing offers. It is very easy to get started with and makes it simple to measure performance using advanced analytics. It helps you send personalized messages that helps a lot with the customer’s trust and loyalty.


  • Sends emails automatically to remind customers to recover their carts or their browsed products.
  • Sends a warm welcome to new subscribers and convert them into buyers.
  • Offers cross-sell and upsell emails.
  • Helps re-engage customers who purchase nothing for a long time.
  • Sends transactional emails and review requests.
  • Sends emails to the target audiences based on customer information/behaviours, order/items attributes.
  • Helps instantly create emails with no technical skills.
  • Offers several pre-written email workflows with proven timing and ready content.
  • Offers reports to keep track of your email performance via comprehensive reports.

Pricing: This is free to install. You can get started with up to 500 contacts for free. Their paid plan starts from $9 per month, with an additional fee based on the number of subscribers.

7. Consistent Cart ‑ Abandon Cart:

This is an all-in-one multi-channel marketing solution. It helps you save time with their baked-in marketing automation and abandoned cart recovery at scale that also allows you to monitor and filter carts. It helps you put marketing on auto-pilot and reach customers and grow sales with 100% automated and customizable Email, SMS and push notifications. They help easily build a subscribers list using dozens of growth tools and integrations.


  • Offers beautifully crafted cart recovery emails, new account creation emails, and engaging happy birthday emails that take less than a few minutes to set up and run automatically in the background and bring in more sales.
  • Helps craft and deliver perfectly timed SMS messages that convert.
  • Offers three built-in abandon cart push notification campaigns with more on the way.
  • Offers add-to-cart popup that asks users for their email address as soon as they add an item to their cart and helps increase conversion rates and with retargeting.
  • Offers an Activity Monitor that captures and shows every single cart in your store.
  • Offers Persistent Shopping Cart that saves logged-in customer carts and syncs them across devices.
  • Offers Advanced Title Bar that keeps distracted shoppers coming back with a flashing title bar.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. Their Standard plan will cost you $29 per month. Their Pro plan will cost you $99 per month. Their Enterprise plan will cost you $299 per month.

8. Recart FB Messenger Marketing:

Recart is one of the most trusted abandoned cart apps. It helps you improve your conversion, grow your Messenger and email, SMS lists, and drive more sales. It helps stores make the mobile subscription experience seamless with the two-tap popup that rapidly increases Messenger, email, and SMS opt-ins. They help you sell more with targeted, highly engaging automation and campaigns that have proven to engage customers, motivate them to spend more.


  • Helps seamlessly collect Messenger and email and/or SMS opt-ins using our mobile-friendly, fully customizable, two-tap popup and grow your lists without requiring the customer to type in anything.
  • Offers Recart integration that will capture visitors’ phone numbers and email addresses and sync them directly to your ESPs.
  • Helps take advantage of Messenger’s high open and engagement rates and automate the engagement to communicate with your customers across the entire customer journey more effectively.
  • Offers pre-built workflows that have proven to engage and motivate shoppers to send more or customize the flows to your needs easily with their drag and drop editor.
  • Helps generate LTV with sponsored messages.

Pricing: They offer a free 28-day trial. Post that, you can choose their Pro plan, which will cost you $29 per month. They also offer a Scale plan that will cost you $499 per month.

9. PushOwl Web Push Notifications:

PushOwl is the only marketing channel that lets you convert anonymous shoppers into customers and generate more revenue. It helps you collect store visitors as subscribers with just one click, requiring no personal information like an email address or phone number. You can send web push notifications about your products and offers directly to your subscribers’ device screens, turn them into customers, and drive more sales. They help you recover abandoned carts just by switching on the automated notification sequence and track the performance of your web push marketing efforts.


  • Helps set up a sequence of highly visible web push notifications to bring shoppers back to their cart and drive more purchases.
  • Helps to optimize your web push strategy and grow your marketing efforts.
  • Helps create subscriber segments and send personalized campaigns.
  • Sends recurring reports about your web push performance directly to your email.
  • Sends notifications at optimized delivery times based on when subscribers are active.
  • Allows you to add an expiry time to stop sending time-sensitive campaigns.
  • Helps set up triggered notifications to recover carts, re-engage store visitors, send in-stock updates, welcome new subscribers, etc.

Pricing: This is a free app.

10. Smart Messenger:

This is a great abandoned carts app that uses Facebook messenger for abandoned carts, follow-ups, and receipts. They help turn abandoned carts into sales. If a customer abandons their cart, they send Facebook Messenger reminders until they purchase, and this requires an opt-in. It helps brands stay in front of their customers on Messenger by sending receipts and follow-up messages to upsell for up to sixty days after their purchase. They help sell directly to customers within Facebook comments by auto-replying to comments on your Facebook posts and automatically sending them links to checkout.


  • Helps save money from abandoned carts, and once a visitor adds the product to his cart and opts-in, your Facebook page sends him up to three follow-up messages if he didn’t purchase.
  • Helps incentivize your shoppers by revealing a discount code below your Add-to-cart button, and they get the offer with a single click.
  • Helps engage potential customers 1:1 through Facebook Messenger with messages that have super-high open rates and click-through rates so that your visitors can complete their purchase.

Pricing: Their SMB plan will cost you $25 per month. Their Pro plan will cost you $49 per month. Their Plus plan will cost you $69 per month.

11. Shop Phone Alerts & Auto Email:

This is an excellent app for your abandoned checkouts. They provide you instant in-app push notifications about important customer actions, which will help you recover and retain more sales. They help you use WhatsApp, Email, Phone calls, Text/SMS or FaceTime to talk to the right customers at the right time, with pre-set templates. You can save time by sending personalized plain text emails each morning to new customers and abandoned checkouts.


  • Helps you build authentic relationships.
  • Offers email automation, but their core value is letting you know who and when you should not automate.
  • Helps you quickly answer questions, confirm product specifications, and help customers make the decision to buy through various communication channels.
  • Provides an alert when a customer leaves without checking out so you can call to build your relationship and recover the sale.
  • Shows a prioritized list of promising leads and valuable customers.
  • Sends automated plain text personalized looking emails each morning to new customers and abandoned checkout.

Pricing: They offer a Free plan. They also offer a Basic plan for $9 per month. Their Pro plan will cost you $29 per month.


Knowing that you have lost sales owing to abandoned carts is indubitably frustrating. The best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps will help you solve these issues to a major extent with the use of their trusted and proven ways. They will help in protecting your sales proactively using web-push reminders and the on-site live chat functionalities like WhatsApp and Messenger. These apps will help persuade customers to come back and checkout. They will help you create and send abandoned cart recovery emails and customize the templates to suit your brand. If you are looking for the best results, try to study our list of the Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps well and combine a few apps together for better features and the probability to recover sales.